"As I move along my life long journey in art I ultimately fantasize about incorporating my motifs and tropes together in singular works. Weaving artistic exploration and serendipitous coincidences."  

An extension of my appreciation for plants and the unique creative challenge it offers. The paintings are connected through formal elements: form, shape, perspective, and color. 

The west coast of Canada is a majestic place filled with opportunities for subject matter and interpretation. Landscapes are another area of focus in which I bring west coast compositions and colors. The flattened shapes induce depth and serenity.

Then narratives are painted stories. These paintings are intentionally rooted from histories and past memories; altered by time and fractured by faculties of mind.

Fragmented, rearranged, flipped and layered. My abstractions speak to the process: acting and reacting.

Vase #1
Not in Forest

© 2026 by Darren Larose

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