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"Void Presence"


"Crossing Participation"

  oil on canvas


"Not in Forest"

 oil on canvas


       The painting above is a depiction of a property with a ship in the distance.   The ship in the distance is White Star Dominion, my Great Grand Father  immigrated on it to Canada in 1928.

       This painting has a lack of human representation, but maintains a strong feeling of human presence. I believe that many people from that generation must have felt a sense of loneliness.  I wanted to create a deep sense of void within the piece. 

        The painting above is a depiction of a forest with pieces of information open for interpretation. Painted from a drawing, the white trees are extended to the frames edge, continuation; “extending beyond the picture frame”.

          The architectural structures is important because the object represents duality, it is partially known and partially unknown. As well, it seems as if the structure can be entered into like a room, however it is cut off on the right.  An inhabital area on the left, and nothing on the right. 

       I interpret the fire on the left as a temporary abandonment of location. This scene shows human involvement without humans being placed in it, this activates our imagination and gives life to the work. 

"It's What You Get"



"Animal Kingdom"

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