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Micro lake in Campbell River BC. The local lake is a place where Darren swims in the mornings and trains under water using rocks and stumps.
Hurvin Anderson

White Lines

     The similarities of the lines. The white lines on the right, of both Darren  Larose (left) and Hurvin Anderson (right), create interest to the right side on their paintings. The sky is painted over the tree line. This creates a way to see the painting in two ways. In one instance you are looking at the sky as background. At any moment the sky can become foreground, layered on top. The composition is broken into thirds in both artworks.

Art Creates Community Identity


       Is a thought that revolves around the role that artists play in the community.

People often wonder what artists do.

They typically see artists as hobbists.

Artists are the voice of culture.

Art enhances the human experience.

Art helps our mind think in different ways.


with Mila


The Gervais and Larose Family in the ocre background.


Milas print over top the clan. 

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